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Butterfly Tattoos

Butterflies, colorful wings of small insects in the field of painting and music, artistic expression is one of the most choice of subjects. Lively, colorful butterflies can be found in the clothing, bags, jewelry, hairpins, almost all have been made rich. Beautiful animals, but also with children's picture books, because it is the best way to explain the small vibrant colors. In addition to music, painting, accessories, clothing and children's picture book character, butterfly body art is now part of the hottest trends - tattoo.

Because they are only the appearance of colorful butterflies tend to pattern after, parts of the body, including lower back, shoulder, chest and arms. On the one hand, tattoo designers enjoy playing with different colors, when they spread out the wings of the butterfly tattoo. On the other side, the wearer (usually women) find it advertised a variety of body art to please, and their dress and style to match. By the following lines to the butterfly tattoo interesting information.

African Tattoos

Get tattoos on the body is nothing more than a style sheet, the present generation. However, the back pages of history, at an early age of tattoo, bear not for fashion. Instead, they are generally engraved in the body, essentially for medicinal and spiritual qualities. In discussing the tattoo in the past impressive, we can not miss the tattoo of Africa, which has laid its roots firmly in Christ before the Egyptian civilization. African tattoos are not attractive to watch the bear, in prehistoric times. Instead, they held great symbolic significance.

While some tribal tattoos to protect people from harmful spiritual each other reflect a person's courage and bravery. To understand the African tattoo and its symbolic interpretation appear, browse through the following lines.
African tattoosAddition of 5,000-year-old man recently discovered in the ice, the first evidence of tattoos, resulting in the Egyptian mummy. Discovered the oldest tattoo Amunet mummy, a priestess of the goddess Hathor, in the 2160 to 1994 BC. Mummy's simple tattoos on her arms, legs, her navel and below the oval pattern of parallel lines. Interestingly, men did not find mummy in Egypt, they worship the body tattoo. Egyptologists today, these designs symbolize fertility and women's renaissance. However, in other parts of Africa such as Libya, found that male mummy, with the sun worship of tattoo images on their bodies,.
Tattoo symbol Neith, a fierce goddess, lead soldiers into battle, in the tomb of Seti I, dating back to 1300 BC, found in men. Nubian female mummy was found in a person's first known tattoo dates back to 400 BC. Tattoo depicts the image of God and carnival supervisor, BES. Another early form of body decoration is "cicatrisation". Word from the French word cicatrisation, cicatrices, which means "scar." This form of body decoration, dark skin, African common people, so that the original color of their skin will not be displayed.
The present eraCicatrisation involves insertion of contemporary tattoo involves piercing the skin pigment, a more serious wound to reduce the skin, resulting in scar tissue to create decorative patterns. This scar popular technique consists of two steps - piercing the skin, then rub the wound with ash. The latter step is mainly inflammation of the skin, then healing the formation of a raised scar. Periodic re-open the wound and inserted with pebbles or pearls, in order to enhance the proposed effect.
Africa, involving other agencies to change the traditional form of body piercing extreme. Basic purpose of art is decorated with exaggerated body form. Lips were pierced and the object is embedded inside, resulting in elongated lip tissue, in line with the shape of the object implanted, such as meat healing. Back tattoo, tribal Africa, still see the tattoo on his body. numerable design and form of tattoo is mainly impressive, depicting symbols, their group has its unique. This helps them realize that their groups of people, also belong to other groups.